Powered by the Sun

Intuitive and simple to install and use

The Challenge
3.7 billion people in the world cook on an open fire. This jeopardizes their health, leads to widespread deforestation and burdens women and girls with hours of unpaid labour.

The Solution

The Warmstone Clean Cooker is powered entirely by the sun and stores energy during the sunlight hours until it is needed for cooking.

It generates no smoke, requires no fossil fuels and generates no CO2 during use.

Warmstone Clean Cookers save hours of time and labor collecting fuel, improves indoor air quality and overall health to transform women’s lives, giving them tools to revitalize their communities.

How it works

Our cooker uses a Heat Battery that is charged from solar PV panels. It is hot enough to fry or cook on in the same way that a traditional AGA works.

The super-insulated lid can be used to cover the cooking pot forming an oven. This can significantly reduce the energy required for slow cooking meals, such as rice and beans.


Benefits people and communities

  • Health

    Women and children will benefit from smoke free homes. 4 million people die each year from smoke related illnesses from cooking (World Health Organisation).

  • Reduces gender based violence

    A Clean Cooker reduces the amount of time women and girls are out collecting firewood, where they are often vulnerable to sexual assault.

  • Creates time for more productive work

    The average adult woman spends more than four hours every day doing unpaid work, leaving precious little time for anything else. A Clean Cooker will save women 3-4 hours per day, giving them time to go to develop skills, or find paid jobs.

  • Creates time for education

    The number of girls who do at least two hours per day of unpaid domestic work almost doubles after they reach the age of 15. A Clean Cooker gives back time for girls to go to school. With every year of education, girls increase their earning potential.

  • Entrepreneurial

    Women can start their own micro-businesses by providing cooking services for other members the community – this is particularly the case for meals that have long cooking times.

  • Saves the family money

    The simple act of using a Clean Cooker saves money from buying charcoal or fuel.

Our Clean Cooker should reduce deaths from cooking smoke inhalation and meets 10 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Benefits the environment

  • Design life

    The design life for our cooker and solar panel is 20 years.

  • CO² savings

    CO² savings over a 20-year cooker life appear to be in the region of 100 tCO² – 400 tCO² per unit.

  • Carbon Offsets

    Carbon Offsets are expected to be worth more than the cooker costs to manufacture.

  • Minimal CO² generation

    The manufacturing process generates minimal CO² compared to lifetime savings (<1%).